Public Philosophy

Interview by Kieran Setiya (Five Questions podcast)

I answer five questions about my philosophical and personal dispositions, with Kieran Setiya (MIT).

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Beyond the Mental Image (The Junkyard)

This short piece starts to explain why mental images can't capture the whole content of imagination.


What a Great Critic Does (Aesthetics for Birds)

A great critic doesn’t just tell you what he thinks of an artwork—he shows you how to look at it. This brief piece highlights some of the best of Peter Schjeldahl’s criticism in his recent anthology Hot, Cold, Heavy Light.


Philosophy Talk

I wrote a series of posts for Philosophy Talk's blog—the Blog at Philosophers' Corner—on a variety of my research topics. Click through to see thoughts on mental action, imagination, personal space, and falling asleep.


Two philosophers explain what Inside Out gets wrong about the mind (

Inside Out was a beautiful, fun Pixar movie. But its metaphysics of mind was bonkers. Click through to learn how Inside Out gets it wrong.