Upcoming Talks

May 22, 2024: The Role of Imagined Experience in Literature and Painting

Forms of Experience and the System of the Arts - University of Genoa

July 2, 2024: De Re Representation of Actions

Workshop on Practical Representation, LMU Munich

July 8-10, 2024: How to Make a Decision

Theoretical & Practical Reason (13th Meeting of the Action Network), Universität Leipzig

August 1-2, 2024: TBD (On Understanding/Reason)

Understanding/Reason Conference at the World Congress of Philosophy, Rome

August 6, 2024: TBD (On the Philosophy of Ernest Sosa)

Sosa Mini-Conference at the World Congress of Philosophy, Rome

October 11, 2024: Colloquium at Oberlin College 

Oberlin College, OH

March 14, 2025: Colloquium at the University of Pittsburgh

University of Pittsburgh, PA